Read the story first then watch the Video. "Totally Hilarious"

Rob and Greg had a bit of an "adventure" last week. It seems they were talking about deer hunting and how to improve their chances of getting a deer. They came up with this idea that went something like this.

1) "Deer don't have the best eyesight in the world. That's why we can deck ourselves out in bright orange and reds".

2) "There are many different scents a guy can buy to blend in with the deer's natural surroundings. We can get one of them and then maybe even modify it some to make it better still".

3) And finally their brainstorm -- "Why not make us a deer costume? Disguise ourselves to both look and smell like a deer? Then we would be able to get right there among them? We could walk up on them or have them walk to us; either way they would think we are one of them".

They decided to try it out ... a "test run" so to speak. There's a guy not far from here that raises llamas. Kevin and Jeff asked if they could put on their "deer suit", splash on some "deer scent", go into the fenced in area where the guy kept his llamas and see if they could blend in and trick the llamas into thinking they were just "one of the animals". The guy had a few other animals inside the fence too like an elk and a couple others. He told them "Sure. I don't mind. I'd like to see if you can fool them myself. It might be interesting to see this".

Now here's the cool part. He taped it.
Greg (playing the "tail end") and Rob playing the "head and front" went in to see if they could "blend" with the animals; pass themselves off as "one of them".

Something went wrong. And it was all caught on tape. See for yourself.

Seeing is believing !!!

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