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Rochester's Funny Paper

86 S. Union Street
Spencerport,   NY   14559
Phone: 585-230-6864
E-Mail: LAFF-LINES@rochester.rr.com

You Could Win This Prize in Our Drawing:
3 Month Subscription
$5 Value

Must be 21 and live within 20 miles. One winner per household.

  1. Did you know that LAFF-LINES features a monthly ad dedicated to the participating businesses and sponsoring locations so you know where you can get the lasted copy?
    •  a. Yes   b. No   c. Thanks,now Ido!  

  2. Why is LAFF-LINES loved by people of all ages?
    •  a. Because it is filled with jokes and stories that put a smile on your face.   b. It has hilarious pictures and puzzles to entertain you.   c. It's passed around again and again forming a reference library of jokes, puzzles and more until the next montly issue is distrubuted   d. It's a way for young and old to interact in an age of doom and gloom, with no time sensitive material to worry about being outdated!   e. All of the above!!! (hint, hint)  

  3. By ansering the questions provided by each of our participating businesses on youcanwin.com, you will receive which of the following?
    •  a. A chance to win gift certificates to AREA businesses...(yes, that's right, they are local, so you don't have to worry about wasting alot of $$ on gas!)   b. Information about what services and products they have to offer. (imagine you can learn something while you're trying to win something, isn't that great?)   c. Your area businesses will provide you with specials and discounts that are available to you and fill you in on how you can order things or buy things from them.   d. All of the above  

  4. Did you know that LAFF-LINES is available to send as a gift or as a personal subscription monthly?
    •  a. Maybe I'll order one for myself!   b. I do now, maybe this time I'll remember to order a gift subscription for a few people for gifts this year.   

  5. Did you know that LAFF-LINES is recylable in many ways? When you are finished with it you can:
    •  a. Give it to someone else to have a great laugh.    b. Leave it in the bathroom for your guests too.    c. Leave it on the table so that the next patron can read it.    d. You can cover your windows with it so your guests can enjoy it too.    e. Give it to your mom so she temporarily forgets about the money you owe her.  
       f. All the above and way more!  

  6. How often do you check out or pin stuff on Pinterest?
    •  a. Never   b. 1-2 times a week   c. 3-5 times a week   d. 1-2 times daily   e. 3-5 times daily  
       f. I live on it!!!  

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