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.5 TALLAHASSEE Fun, Food & Entertainment Ragazine
.5 TALLAHASSEE Fun, Food & Entertainment Ragazine
The #1 'Smileage' Rated Funny Paper For 20+ Years
Cool Shuttle Night Launch Pic
Don Rickles on our illustrious leaders.
February 2012 Links
'Weird Whoopie Laws'.
June 2012 Links
A History Lesson on Railroad Tracks
Economics 10What?
Cash For Codgers
R-EEL Fish Story
Honey Facts
Six most full of crap professions
Tigers Holiday Poem
Message to you from the President regarding
SR 71 Blackbird Super Plane
Space shuttle and Chariots
From The Boss
Sept 2010 links
Big Bucks
What a boat
International Man Laws
Sept 2011 Links
Sept 2012 Links
January 2012 Links
December 2012 Links
Atlanta, Ga.
Jan 2013 Links
Feb 2013 Links
August 2013 links
Oct 2013 Links
Dec 2013 Links
Feb 2015 Links
Redneck Pick-Up Lines
April links 2012
Fun on less than 4 wheels
April 2014 Links
Jan 2014 Links
The Plan by Robin Williams
Behemoth Ship
Tampon Real Letter
Links to Fun Stuff 0807
(SERIOUS) Point vs Counter Point
Free service to send cards to troops
New Car Jacking Idea (NOT A JOKE)
Strange Sex Customs or laws
A Man's Poem
When Girls Drink Too Much
Turkey 'Tips' For The Holidays
Brain Teasers Answers
Bill Gates' Rules For Life
George Bush vs. George Bush
Scientific proof of the Sex Fairy
The Man Remote
It's Bat Season
Wheelie Master
Personality Test (Pretty Cool)
Hard To Say
Urine Tests
Very Interesting Iraq Factoids
Town in Germany, OK Then!
Free Puppy, Please Help
Worlds Worst Foursome

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