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Picture Frames Unlimited
Picture Frames Unlimited
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2774 Capital Circle NE
Behind Calico Jack's
Tallahassee,   FL   32308
Phone: 850-422-0088
E-Mail: pictureframesunlimited@gmail.com

You Could Win This Prize in Our Drawing:
$25 Discount Custom Framing

Must be 18. Customer responsible for all tax. Cannot be used with any other special or discount Must be 18. Customer responsible for all tax. Cannot be used with any other special or discount.

  1. Did you know that both of the framing professionals at Picture Frames Unlimited are accomplished artists?
    •  a. No I didn't, but I do now.   b. Wow, that means matte color and combinations will probably better than ones I choose.   c. Yes, because their attention to detail and quality are superior to others that may only be frame assembly technicians.   d. All the above. (The wise choice)  

  2. Can you guess which of the following are things that HAVE been framed at Picture Frames Unlimited?
    •  a. A Fancy cross stitch piece   b. A frame full of rocks   c. Military memorabilia   d. All of the above  

  3. Which one of these can the framers NOT frame at Picture Frames Unlimited?
    •  a. Taxidermy   b. Turkey tail feather fan   c. Arrowheads   d. Things that will rot or leak (HINT)  

  4. What is the owner and framer, Karen, called by most people she frames for?
    •  a. Framing Angel   b. The Macgyver of Framing   c. Friendly   d. All of the above  

  5. Owner and framer Mary has what skills that make her stand out from other framers?
    •  a. Her ability to color match mats with artwork.   b. The way she can pick the right frame for the right art.   c. Her experience running a gallery.   d. All the above.  

  6. Did you ever put a note with your return address on it in a bottle and set it adrift in the ocean or a river?
    •  a. Yes   b. No  

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