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Auto Alley
Auto Alley
The Future of Auto Repair Today
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5019 West Tharpe St.
Tallahassee,   FL   32312
Phone: 576-9835
E-Mail: autoalley01@comcast.net

You Could Win This Prize in Our Drawing:
Oil Change and Inspection
Must be mechanically sound, some euro imports excluded

Must be 18 years, live within 120 miles, photo ID, appointment necessary. Subject to availability.Customer responsible for any tax. Winners ieligible to win again for 1000 days.

  1. Where is Auto Alley located?
    •  a. West of Capital Circle Northwest on Tharpe Street.   b. Near Walmart on the Tharpe Street extension.   c. 5019 West Tharpe Street   d. All the above  

  2. Which statements are true?
    •  a. Auto Alley is a member in good standing with The Automotive Service Association.   b. Auto Alley has been ranked among the Top 10 Repair Facilities in the country.   c. Auto Alley concentrates on quality not quantity with one location to serve you better.   d. The owners name really is Alley. No his first name isn't Auto, that would be Otto if he were German, it's Kenny; he doesn't even like German cars.  

  3. What kind of Automotive repairs does Auto Alley specialize in?
    •  a. Oil changes, Tire Installation, Alignments, and Brakes.   b. Coolant leaks, Heating and Air Conditioning repairs.   c. Check engin light Diagnosis, Complete Computer and Electrical System repairs   d. Preventative Maintenance procedures such as Timing Belt, Transmission Service, Fluid exchange and Injector Cleaning.   e. All the above  

  4. Auto Alley was founded in what year, and continues to have only one location to serve you better?
    •  a. 1903, the year Harley Davidson was founded.   b. 1993, The Seminoles first football National Championship.   c. 1986, The soon to be ranked among the top 10 repair facilities in the country opens. This pretty much dominted our 1986 and every year since then.   d. Hint, it's not A or B  

  5. Which of these devises at Auto Alley do you think needs to be used on your car the most?
    •  a. Oscilloscope   b. 3 different computer interface machines   c. The best fuel injector cleaning system in the industry called a Motor Vac Machine   d. A DVD library that is updated every three months with wiring diagrams, service bulletins, and the latest repair techniques.   e. Whoa, sounds like rocket science to me, I'm glad Auto Alley has all this stuff and the technitians that know how to use it.  

  6. Did you ever put a note with your return address on it in a bottle and set it adrift in the ocean or a river?
    •  a. Yes   b. No  

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