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Wahoo Seafood Grill
Wahoo Seafood Grill
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2714 Graves Rd
In Holiday Inn Center on N. Monroe
Tallahassee,   FL   32304
Phone: 850-629-4059
E-Mail: publisher@youcanwin.com

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$10 Gift Certificate
$10 Gift Certificate for 2, $5 for one.

  1. What special at Wahoo Seafood Grill would you most likely try first?
    •  a. Happy Hour Daily Mon - Sat from 3p - 7p    b. All You Can Eat Crab Legs on Monday's 4p - 7p   c. Tequila Thursdays ($3.50 Margaritas, $5 Loaded Coronas)   d. Brunch on Sunday's from 10a - 2p  

  2. Which Happy hour special would you most likely order?
    •  a. 1/2 price house wine    b. 1/2 price well drinks   c. 1/2 price domestic draft beer    d. 1/2 price single liquor drinks   e. $2 Off Signature Cocktails  
       f. $1 Off Margaritas  

  3. Which of Wahoo's Specialty Boils would you most likely pick?
    •  a. 'Super Boil' that includes lobsters.    b. 'Low Country' that adds smoked sausage.    c. 'Shrinp and Snowcrab'    d. 'Swamp' that adds crawfish    e. 'Snow Crab', 3lbs.   
       f. 'Crawfish', 40 lbs  

  4. Did you ever put a note with your return address on it in a bottle and set it adrift in the ocean or a river?
    •  a. Yes   b. No  

  5. How often do you check out or pin stuff on Pinterest?
    •  a. Never   b. 1-2 times a week   c. 3-5 times a week   d. 1-2 times daily   e. 3-5 times daily  
       f. I live on it!!!  

  6. I check out or post stuff on Facebook...
    •  a. 1-2 times a week   b. 3-5 times a week   c. 1-2 times a day   d. 3-5 times a day   e. I'm surprised I still have a job I'm on it so much!  

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